Gloucestershire Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327

The list below is from the Gloucestershire Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327 and states who paid how much tax at the time [1]. The final column is what we think the surname is when translated into modern english.

Name Tax Paid Modern Surname
Reginald de Abbehale 4s  
William Adus 12d  
Margery Alvard 2s  
Gilbert Baker 12d  
Ellis de Blakeneye 4s Blakeney
Adam Bonde 12d  
Robert Bonne 12d  
John atte Broke 6d  
John Broun 12d Brown
William atte Chirche 6s 2d  
John Clerk 12d  
Roger de Derleye 6d Derleye means a clearing frequented by deer and the name later became used as part of Dursley Cross.
Reginald Eylof 4s  
William Gode 12d Goode
Adam Godrich 12d  
Roger Hokkeleye 4s 6d  
Walter Honde 12d  
Adam Hondes 6d  
John Hontar 6d Hunter
Sybil Hontar 6d Hunter
Walter Honyma... 18d  
Hugh Hot 12d  
Adam Howle 12d  
Thomas Hunte 12d  
Robert Huwelot 6d Hewlett
Walter Huwelot 12d Hewlett
Walter Huwelot the elder 12d  
Adam Huwet 6d  
John Gunyld 2s  
William Jouet 18d  
Roger Jourdan 12d Jordan
William Kyng 6d King
William Maysaunt 12d  
Florence Morice 2s  
Cecily Page 6d  
John Patyes 12d  
John le Rede 9d Read
John Rotor 12d  
Hugh Sabine 12d  
Thomas Sabine 2s  
Alice Sermo 2s  
Walter Shepherde 2s  
John Smyth 6d Smith
William Somt... 2s  
Roger Syrema 2s  
Cecily Swyft 2s Swift
Sarah Talbot 6s 1d  
John Tone 2s  
Alice Vox 12d  
Gilbert Whyte 2s White
John le Whyte 4s 2.25d White
John Whyte 12d White
Walter Whyte 12d White
John Wylkines 12d Wilkins


  1. Franklin, P., "The Taxpayers of Medieval Gloucestershire", Alan Sutton, 1993.
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