Military Survey of Longhope, 1522

This is the list of people from 1522 and the arms that they possessed [1].

The king is the chief lord
Sir Christopher Baynham was the steward
George, earl of Shrewsbury worth £26 10s
The prior of Monmouth has the rectory worth 66s 8d
John Bird of the vicarage worth £4
Name Worth Arms
Roger Affowle £8 bow, arrows, sword, dagger and horse
Thomas Affowle £3 bow and arrows
William Affowle £8 bow, arrows, sword and horse
Thomas John Awyntyll £10 jack, sallet, splint, gorget and glaive
Thomas Awyntyll £10 glaive, dagger and sword
Thomas Awyntill £3 bow, arrows and dagger
William Awyntyll £3 glaive
Roger Bowrey    
Thomas Cam £3 bow, arrow and dagger
William Clark 20s bow, arrows and dagger
Thomas Dawe 26s 8d bow and arrows
Walter Dawe £5 glaive
William Richard Dobbys of the Mill 20s glaive, horse and dagger
John Dobbys son of William £4 glaive, sword and dagger
John Dobbys £3 bow and arrows
John Dobbys of Nupend 20s hauberk
John Dobbys   bow, arrows and bill
John Dobbys £3 halberk
Morgan Dobbys    
Thomas Dobbys 40s glaive
Thomas Dobbys son of Richard Dobbys 53s 4d bow and arrows
William Dobbys £20 bill, sword, dagger and gorget
William Dobbys of Heybrigge   bow, arrows, sword and dagger
William Dobbys £6 glaive
John Ewen 40s two glaives and sallet
John Ewen junior 26s 8d glaive
Richard Fauconer 53s 4d bow, arrows, sword and dagger
Richard Gonnell 20s  
Thomas Gybons 40s glaive and dagger
Robert Hannyes [Hannis] £5 splints
Thomas Hannyes son of Robert   bow and arrows
Thomas Houdman 6s 8d  
William Hunt 20s bow and arrows
Thomas Jonys [Jones] 26s 8d glaive, sword and dagger
John Kadyll   bow and arrows
Richard Marshall £3 glaive
James Mongey son of the said William   bow and arrows
William Mongey 40s four garters, tunic, glaive, gauntlet and dagger
John Mylton 40s glaive
Thomas Palmer £4 bow, arrows and dagger
John Paunceforte alias Taylor 20s glaive, bow and arrows
Clement Rede 40s glaive
Hugh Rede 46s 8d  
William Rede son of Clement    
James Serche £4 bow, arrows and dagger
Robert Shropshire 20s bow, arrows and sword
Thomas Socowre 40s bill
Henry Stevyns £4 harness for a man, two sallets, glaive and sword
Walter Stevyns   glaive, dagger and horse
John Tayler 20s bow and arrows
Thomas Tayler 20s bow and arrows
Thomas Trigge 20s bow and arrow
Thomas Whityng £3 bow and arrows
Henry Wyntyll £4 glaive
John Wyseham 13s 4d glaive


  1. Hoyle, R. W., "The Military Survey of Gloucestershire, 1522", The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
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