List of Men fit for War, 1608

The following is a list of men fit for his majesty's army in 1608.

1 - the age is approximately 20
2 - the age is approximately 40
3 - the age is between 50 and 60
p - a tall man (suitable for Pikeman)
m - a medium height man (suitable for Musketeer)
ca - a short man (suitable for Calyver)
py - little or no other use
tr - a trained soldier

Name Occupation Age Role
Henry Acton Gentelman 2 m
John Baddam Servant 1 py
William Bayly Servant to Thomas Hooper 1 py
Walter Bond Husbandman 1 m
George Browne Turner 1 ca
John Bowdley Servant 1 ca
John Bowrey Sawyer 1 p
Thomas Bowrey Sawyer 2 p
James Bullocke Senior Caryer 2 ca
Richard Cadle Laborer 2 py
Robert Crowse Taylor 1 m
Richard Davys Husbandman 2 py
Clement Dawe Husbandman 2 py
James Dawe Sailor 2 p
John Dawe Husbandman 1 p
Richard Dawe Collier 2 p tr
Thomas Dawe Husbandman 2 p tr
Edmund Dobbes (son of Thomas Dobbes of the Yew Tree)   1 ca
George Dobbes Husbandman 2 ca
James Dobbes Husbandman 2 p tr
Richard Dobbes (son of Thomas Dobbes) Caryer 1 ca
Richard Dobbes Laborer 1 ca
Thomas Dobbes Caryer 2 p
William Dobbes Junior Husbandman 1 p tr
William Dobbes Senior   2 ca tr
Thomas Dobbs Sailor 1 m tr
John Ewent Husbandman 1 py
Edmund Fowle Tanner 1 ca tr
William Fowle Cooper 1 ca
William Fowle Husbandman 1 p
William Goughe Smith 2 p
Edmund Hannis Husbandman 2 p tr
Thomas Hannis Husbandman 1 p
Edmund Hayle Sailor 2 ca
George Heynes Shoemaker 1 m
John Hodges Husbandman 2 ca
William Hodges   1 m
John Hooper Husbandman 1 ca
Evan James Servant 1 ca
Phillip Jenes Servant to Thomas Dobbes 1 ca
James Jones Laborer 1 ca
John Lane Servant to Robert Phillips 1 ca
Hugh Lodge Husbandman 1 p
John Lodge Laborer 1 p
James Lylly Junior Husbandman 1 ca
Charles Marshall   1 ca
James Marshall Collier 1 p
Robert Marshall (son of John Marshall) Collier 1 ca
Thomas Marshall Husbandman 2 p
Thomas Milner Milner 2 ca
John Mongey Caryer 3 py
Thomas Newton Laborer 1 ca
John Niccolls Smith 2 p
John Nicchols   1 ca
John Nicholls Husbandman 1 ca
William Nicholls   1 ca
Edmund Nurse Husbandman 1 p tr
John Nurse Husbandman 1 p
Thomas Okey Butcher 2 p tr
James Palmer Husbandman 1 ca
Richard Palmer Husbandman 2 ca tr
Henry Pannyers Taylor 1 ca
John Panter Servant to Thomas Dobbes 1 ca
William Patricke Servant 1 p y
Robert Phillips Carver 1 ca
Humphry Pyrry [possibly Parry] Husbandman 2 ca
David Reade Husbandman 2 ca
George Reade (son of David Reade)   1 py
John Reade Junior Husbandman 2 p
Thomas Reade Husbandman 3 p
William Reade Smith 1 m
John Robins Husbandman 1 m tr
Arthur Rowles Gent 1 m
John Scryven Husbandman 2 ca
John Shawe (son of Thomas Shawe)   1 m
Thomas Shawe Taylor 2 p
William Shingleton Butcher 1 p
John Tyler Husbandman 1 p
George Weale Husbandman 2 p tr
John Wintle Husbandman 2 ca
Thomas Wirrel Laborer 2 py
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