Longhope in 1885

The following is a list of residents who lived in the parish of Longhope in 1885. The list is taken from Kelly's Directory (1885).

Sidney Chambers - Manor House Summerpole House Coglan House Springfield House Pedwardine Villa Wallbrook House Pound House Post Office Temple House Map
Extract from a map of Longhope in 1889. Image produced from the
www.old-maps.co.uk service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd.
and the Ordnance Survey
James Constance - Springfield House
Rev. Charles Lester Gordon - Sion House (Baptist)
Harry Greenus
Rev. Frederick Charles Guise - Vicarage
Charles William Neumann - Coglan House
Miss Probyn - Temple
Mrs Russell - Pedwardine Villa
Francis Thorneloe - Wallbrook House
William Turner - Summerpole House
Henry Wheeler - May Hill Villa

The following list is also taken from Kelly's Directory (1885) and lists who was the owner of which industry at the time.

Mrs Janet Aston - Cross Inn, Dursley Cross
William Bullock Ballinger - Fruitier and Haulier, Little London
Daniel Baldwin - Wood Turner and Farmer
Benjamin Bennett - Farmer, Harts Barn
James Birch - Farmer, The Rock
William Bradley - Butcher, Little London
Alfred Browning - Carpenter, May Hill
James Burcher - Beer Retailer, Upper End
James Constance and Sons - Steam Saw Mills
John Constance - Farmer, Hill House
Mrs. Mary Ann Constance - Farmer
John Dowding - Farmer, Suttridge Farm
John Dowding Jnr - Farmer, Bilbut
Mrs. Henry Drew - Farmer, Holly Bush
Robert Field - Farmer, Dursley Cross
George Godwin - Plough Inn
William Hale - Shopkeeper
Charles Hampton - Grocer
Henry Hampton - Farmer, Nupend
Jas Handcock - Farmer, Whitmore Farm
Mrs. Mary Hart - Farmer
Henry Hayland - Blacksmith
William Joyner - Lime Burner
John Kersey - Farmer
Harry Keyse - Wheelwright
Robert Lindsay - Nail Maker, Dursley Cross
William Moser - Farmer
Thomas Nelmes - Farmer
Miss Martha Elizabeth Orcher - Day School
Mrs Sarah Parry - Farmer, Marshes
Samuel Pearce - Farmer, May Hill
William Penwarden - Grocer and Draper
Thomas and Daniel Stephens - Water Millers, Dursley Cross Mills
Charles Sterrey - Farmer and Carrier, Little London
William Watkins - Farmer, Royal Spring
Robert Wintle - Farmer
William Wintle - Farmer, Blakemore Farm
James Withers - Farmer
William Townsend - Stationmaster
Mrs. Lawly - National School
Miss Annie Hughes - Baptist School
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