Longhope in 1914

The following is a list of residents who lived in the parish of longhope in 1914. The list is taken from Kelly's Directory (1914).

Mrs. F. Jones Williams – Manor House
James Constance – Springfield House
William Constance - Hill House
Stephen William Constance - Hill Court
William James Constance - Glenoran
Geoffrey Terry – Coglan House
Mrs. Wilks – The Temple
The Misses Priestley – Pedwardine Villa
The Misses Constance – Summerpole House
Rev George Barr - Rectory
George Adolphus Boodle - Highfield
John Cameron - Glencoe
The Misses Gray - The Bower
Miss Leese (Lodger) - Summerpole House
David McFall - Alabama
Miss Merrett - Upper End
William Henry Powell - Merlindene
Rev John Stanley - Little London (Baptist)
Mrs Stephenson - Dean End
George Granville Tweed - Jourdens
Miss Tweed - The Bungalow, Jourdens
Frederick Wilmshurst - Latchen

The following list is also taken from Kelly's Directory (1914) and lists who was the owner of which industry at the time.

Frederick Jackson - Blacksmith
Richard S. Kearsey - Farmer, Furnace Mill
William King - Insurance Agent
Alfred Henry Lane - Yew Tree Inn
William Benjamin Lea - Farmer, Brook Farm
Earlston Morgan - Fruit Dealer
Thomas Nelmes - Farmer, May Hill
Thomas Palmer - Farmer, Lower Boxbush
Ernest Parry - Farmer, Church Farm
John Parry - Farmer, Blakemore Farm
William Parry - Farmer, The Rock
James and Roland Pearce - Farmers, May Hill
William Penwarden - Farmer and Shopkeeper
Thomas William Read - Cross Inn
Niccoll Frederick Searancke - Surgeon
Ralph Smith - Baker, Little London
Sparrow Brothers - Farmers, Bilbut
Charles Sterrey - Farmer, Assistant Overseer and Parish Clerk, Marshes
Allen Sterry - Haulier
Mrs Sarah Watkins - Farmer
Owen Williams - Carpenter
Frederick Wilmshurst - Auctioneer, Latchen
Robert Wintle - Beer Retailer, Upper End
Thomas Wintle - Farmer, Upper End
John Woodward - Farmer
Edward Workman - Farmer, Little Blakemore
Mrs Elizabeth Wright - Shopkeeper
James Hawker - Police Station, Constable in charge
Master William Edward Hill - Public Elementary School
Master Mark Lester - Public Elementary School
William Parton - Station Master
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