Tower Reparation Fund

Below is a list of parishoners who contributed towards the repair of All Saints' Church in 1891 and a breakdown of expenditure [1].

Rev. F. C. Guise £6 15s.
Mr. J. W. Probyn £3 3s.
Mr. S. W. Constance £3
Miss Miller £3
Miss Probyn £2 2s.
Mrs. Raikes £2 2s.
Mr. Turner £2 2s.
Mr. H. F. Price £1 1s.
Mrs. Price £1 1s.
Mr. Chambers £1
Mrs. H. Constance £1
Mr. John Constance £1
Mr. William Constance £1
Mr. Gee £1
Mr. Greenus £1
Mrs. Hill £1
Mr. Kearsey £1
Mr. Thorneloe £1
Mr. William Wintle £1
The Misses G. and A. Probyn 10s. 6d.
Miss E. C. Roberts 10s. 6d.
Mr. Colchester Wemyss 10s.
Miss Constance 10s.
Mrs. William Constance 10s.
Mr. Godwin 10s.
Mr. Hampton 10s.
Mrs. Russell 10s.
Mr. R. Wintle 10s.
Mr. and Mrs. Abell 5s.
Mr. Charley 5s.
Mr. Compton 5s.
Mr. N. Rudge 5s.
Mr. Purchas 5s.
Mr. William Constance 6s. 2d.
By Sale of Old Materials £4
Total £44 8s. 2d.
To Messrs. Waller, Architect £6 15s.
To repairs to Tower:
F. Field (contract) £20
F. Field (extras) £1 16s.
Lead £11 3s. 2d.
Slates £4
Printing, Stamps, etc. 14s.
Total £44 8s. 2d.


  1. Churchwardens Accounts (1844-1913) for Longhope, GRO reference P206 CW 2/3
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