Constables of Longhope

List of constables of the parish. This page is still being researched.

Year Constables
1719 John Lloyd and John Phelps
1720 James Littlejohn and James Vaughan jun.
1721 Anthony Hart and John Turner of Littlejohn
1722 Charles Vaughan and Joseph Hannis
1723 Samuell Bright and William Brown
1724 William Pitman and Robert Coleman
1725 Thomas Dobbs and Roynon Jones
1726 John Bowry and John Bright
1727 Thomas ??? and Joseph Thomas
1728 Robert Hooper and William Wintle
1729 John Wingood and George Coleman
1730 Thomas Sansome and Josiah Fowle
1731 Thomas Marshall and William Marshall
1732 Joseph Merrice and Alexander Dobbs
1733 Joseph Wintle and Jacob Powell
1734 John Parry and Thomas Bright
1735 Richard Pittman and John Powall
1736 Hindorey Bulock and Zachariah Pittman
1737 William Hayle and Rowland Wintle
1738 John Wintle and Timothy Blewett
1739 Joseph Coleman and Richard Marshall
1740 John Coleman and Job Marshall
1741 ??? and Clement Dawes
1742 John Coleman jun. and Richard Powal
1743 Charles Vaughan and James Dobes
1744 Howel Herbert and William Read
1749 Zachariah Pitman and Josiah Thomas
1750 Jacob Powele and James Boseley
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