Example of an indenture
Example of an Indenture

Indentures were an old way of selling, granting, leasing or otherwise transferring ownership of land, usually, from one person to another. Three copies of each indenture were made, the first page of each copy being cut with a wavy line - the indenture. This was done to detect fraud as the copies would fit together again exactly along the indented edge. If they didn't it was a sign that a counterfeit one had been created.

The photograph on the left shows an example of an Indenture. It is five pages in length so the wavy edge on the first page is hidden.

July 1737 Charles Haynes to Timothy Bluett Abstract Full
27th June 1763 Ann Blewett to Cornelius Blewett Abstract Full
19th Nov 1794 Copy of Lease for a year. Edmund Probyn and others to Spencer Meredith. Abstract Full
24th December 1812 John Blewett and others to Thomas Dawes. Abstract Full
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