Manor of Hope

List of Tenants in 1794

A lease was made between Edmund Probyn, his wife Sophia, John Probyn and Spencer Newcomb Meredith, of Grays Inn, Middlesex on the 19th November 1794 and lists the following tenants of land in Longhope [1, 2]. One rood is a measure of land and is a quarter of one acre.

NameLand RentedAcreage
John ParryGreat House Court Farm170 acres 3 roods
John ParryFarm70 acres
Jane Hail, widowRock Farm72 acres
Josiah ColemanFarm63 acres 2 roods
Hannah Harris, widowDam Farm44 acres
John Bayly, gent.Bilbut and Baytons Farms81 acres
Susannah Smith, widowFarm73 acres
John Hail, Francis Dawes and William NealHill House (Farm)19 acres
William DobbsOrchard3 acres
Thomas BullockOrchard2 acres
Thomas RockMeadow3 acres
Thomas HartMeadow2 acres 2 roods
George ActonMeadow2 acres
William SinderbyTwo meadows5 acres
Cornelius BlewettTwo meadows3 acres
John DawesTwo meadows2 acres 1 rood
Mary Drew, widowMeadow3 acres
John WingodSeveral meadows3 acres
no name Hayle, widowMeadow2 acres
George LodgeTwo meadows3 acres
Richard ConstanceMeadow25 p?
Richard PrinceTwo meadows3 roods
William BillinghamTwo meadows1 acre 5 roods
Clement DawesMeadow
Thomas Blunt, gent.Meadow7 acres
Benjamin BarnesMeadows8 acres 1 rood

The names of several woods that were part of the Manor of Longhope are also listed, these being: Hope Wood (191 acres), Fairfoot Wood (40 acres), Beach Grove (15 acres 1 rood), Munjoys [Mountjoys] Hill (3 acres), Yardway Coppice (1 acre 2 roods), Baytons Coppice (3 acres 3 roods), Cross Coppice (4 acres), Harthead Coppice (8 acres), Churchfield Coppice (5 acres), [B or R]owershill Coppice (10 acres), Old Moors Wood (10 acres), Horselease Coppice (5 acres), Bilbut Coppice (4 acres), Hill Coppice (4 acres), Brimfield Coppice (5 acres), Laise Wood (3 acres) and Fairfield Coppice (6 acres).

There are lists for the parishes of Huntley, Lea (written Lye and Leigh), Westbury, Abinghall (now Abenhall), Churcham, Taynton and Newland should anyone be interested in these.


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