Population through the Ages

Population chart

The above chart was produced solely using data obtained from our transcripts of the parish records of christenings, marriages and burials. The crosses mark known populations at various points in time from census and visitation records. At the time of Domesday, there would have been less than 40 inhabitants in the village, but this slowly increased over time to around 240 by about 1680. The population grew quicker during the industrial revolution years but one phenomenon that has yet to be explained is the departing of parish record data from census data. This either suggests a growing trend towards non-conformism as parents might have baptised their children at All Saints' Church but later the child would decide to become a baptist, or otherwise, and so not have been buried at All Saints'. As has been shown elsewhere, some families left the village in the mid-1800s to look for work elsewhere, perhaps because of increasing mechanisation.

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