First World War


Memorial in All Saints A memorial to those who from Longhope lost their lives during during the First World War is situated in the south transept of All Saints' Church and is pictured on the left. The memorial reads

In Memory of the
Men of the Parish of Longhope, who fell
in the Great War, 1914-1918
Thomas H. Acton
Percival St. J. Barr
W. Armstrong Bradley
Evan Brown
William A. Carpenter
William H. Chalcroft
Arthur E. Constance
Russell Harper
Leonard T. Hawkins
Lionel Hendy
Archibald E. Hill
Rowland Hill
Edgar Meek
James Meek
Victor D. Morris
Basil Nell
George Paul
Harold Pensom
Francis W. Penwarden
Leslie H. S. Stanley
Leslie Sterrey
Leslie Warner
Erected by the Parishioners of Longhope

A special ceremony took place in May 1920 to unveil the memorial and was recorded by an unknown newspaper article from the time.

"... The special service prepared by the Bishop of Stepney was used. At the appointed stage of the service Mrs. Pringle, of the Manor House, removed the Union Jack with which the memorial has been covered since its erection. The memorial is in the north transept and in full view of the nave of the church. The tablet is carved of oak, surmounted by a cross. The subject of the design is the Angel of Victory holding a wreath of laurel leaves with a cross inset. Printed in red and black letters are the names of the 22 boys from the parish who laid down their lives in the cause of liberty and freedom. ... At the close of the service the Dead March in 'Seul' was played, and 'Last Post' was sounded by buglers. ... many of the congregation inspected and greatly admired the memorial, the design and workmanship of which is the work of Mr. R. Kearsey, of the Furnace Mill, Longhope." [1]

A separate plaque lists all those who fought, from Longhope, for their country during the First World War:

EUROPEAN WAR 1914-1918
Who in the hour of need & trial, nobly responded
to the Nation's Call for her Sons to serve their
Acton T. Henry Davis Russel Pensom Harold
Barr P. Stanley St. John Davis Frank Pensom Howard
Beard G. Edwin Dallimore John Pensom Thomas
Beard Owen Daunter C. Sidney Pensom Austin
Beard Henry Floyd A. James Phelps Reginald
Beard Frank Gardener William Reed Henry
Beard Sam Gough Ernest Sexty Hallam
Bint Ralph Green Ivor Silk O. Harry
Birch E. Thomas Hawker S. U. Reginald Stanley Leslie
Bowkett Ernest Hancox James Sterry Ernest
Bowkett Fredrick Hatch A. Arthur Sterry George
Bowkett W. Charles Hawkins Leonard Sterry Fred
Bowkett Walter Harris James Sterry Oliver
Bowkett William Harper Russel Sterry Harold
Bowkett Fredrick Hendy A. Edward Sterry Henry
Bowkett James Hendy Leonard Sterry Owen
Bradley Armstrong Hendy Lionel Sterry Leslie
Bradley C. Oswald Hill J. Cecil Symonds Bruce
Bradley Ronald Hill W. John Symonds T. Raymond
Broadhurst William Hill Rowland Symonds W. Roy
Browning C. John Hill E. Archibald Stephens Evan
Browning Leslie Holford Ernest Stephens James
Brown Albert Hook Christopher Warner Frank
Brown William Howard J. William Warner Leslie
Brown Evan James Henry Warner Donald
Bullock Arthur James Walter Williams Percy
Bullock S. Arthur Jackson Ernest Williams Arthur
Bullock Ernest Jackson Denis Williams Leslie
Bullock Owen Jones William Williams Walter
Bullock W. George Jones M. A. Reginald Williams G. Percy
Bullock James Lane Alfred Williams Owen
Bullock Charles Lewis Fredrick Williams Herbert
Bullock Joseph Laurence Arthur Williams Walter
Carter Oscar Keyse James Williams Randolf
Carter Maurice Maddock William Williams Frank
Carpenter William Meek Edgar Welch Fredrick
Carpenter Osmond Meek James Wintle Frank
Carpenter H. Norman Monck B. A. Gustaos Wilding George
Chalcroft W. Henry Morgan Earlston Wiltshire D. H. Goodwill
Chalcroft J. George Moot P. Arthur Wright Harry
Chalcroft B. Richard Nell Basil Wright Albert
Constance John Paul George Vail F. Charles
Constance Herbert Parton William    
Constance Evan Parry Herbert    
Constance Evan Parry J. Albert    
Coldrick P. Arthur Parry J. Thomas    
Cornwall Ralph Penwarden W. Francis    


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