We had the idea of doing some walks in and around the parish after receiving a few enquiries via the Contact Us page for directions on how to get to the top of May Hill. We in Longhope all have our own way of getting there via the labyrinth of lanes that lead up there, but to the outsider who can see May Hill from afar, and fancies a walk to the top, it is not so easy, as it isn't particularly well signposted.

The parish of Longhope is criss-crossed by footpaths. There are just the ordinary rights of way signed Public Footpath. Then there are those signed Gloucestershire Way, which is a footpath 100 miles in length, going from Chepstow in Monmouthshire to Tewkesbury, via Gloucester, and Stow- on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds. The theme of the trail is Forest and Vale and High Blue Hill following through the Forest of Dean, the Severn Vale and the Cotswolds. The third sign you may come across is the one for the Wysis Way, which starts at the Offa's Dyke at Monmouth, travelling 55 miles through the Forest of Dean, via Gloucester and through the Cotswolds to Kemble and linking up with the river Isis, (the highest tributary of the Thames), and finishing where the path meets the Thames Way. Both the Gloucestershire Way and the Wysis Way cross May Hill.

May Hill is a wonderful place on a fine day – whether just for a brisk walk with the dog, or for a day out and a picnic with the whole family. There are acres of space to run around, play ball, fly a kite on a windy day, bird watch or just admire the view across twelve counties, with a 360 degree vista of the Cotswolds, the Malvern Hills, the Brecons, and the River Severn as it winds its way to the estuary. It is safe for children, and dogs are allowed to run free, as the animals there are used to humans and dogs, so will not bother you so long as you don’t bother them! Some days you can be up there all alone, and other times, particularly at weekends and fine days, there will be a lot of you, but there is space for everyone.

Most of the walks we have done so far and will do, will all be of a modest distance, so the marathon ramblers amongst you can probably all read a map and circumnavigate the entire parish boundary unaided in an hour! We will start all the walks from the Post Office in the centre of the village (opposite Harold Read’s lorry yard and close to Shirley's store). We will give a rough distance, but no set time, as this will give you your own choice to amble along and enjoy the scenery – which is the whole idea of these walks. The majority, for obvious reasons, will entail uphill climbs to reach the surrounding hilltops to enjoy the views over Longhope. We will try to include any relevant points of interest on the way. If you do not own a map, you can familiarise yourself with the route using the map on the Tour page of this website.

Walk 1 - This walk does involve a lot of driving at first. This is for those people who DID ask how to get to the top of May Hill. For those less able to walk too far, it is possible to drive within a short distance of the top of the hill.

Walk 2 - This is again another walk up May Hill, but walking from the centre of the village this time.

Walk 3 - This walk takes you up the Old Hill and along the top of Hobbs Hill via the famous quarry, through Sculchurch Woods and down to the church and back along Church Road.

Walk 4 - This walk takes you up School Lane and over Breakheart Hill - a good place to walk to see farm animals, also rabbits and buzzards. The walk comes out at Harts Barn, and back along the very busy and dangerous main A4136 Monmouth Road (not advisable for children).

Walk 5 - This walk is similar to Walk 4 as it starts off following the same trail for quite a distance, but then goes a different way to the very top of Breakheart Hill, where you can enjoy the views for miles around on a clear day.

Walk 6 - This walk is one that is relatively flat for most of the way, but towards the end, rises to go up the quaint-sounding Mugglewort Hill. From the top you hopefully will see a beautiful panoramic view.

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