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Longhope, a little village in the County of Gloucestershire has been in existence since before the invasion of the Normans in 1066 and has a rich history. No prominent events have made any deep scratch in its history. It was not the outstanding names that shaped our village, but the daily lives of all the people: the farmers, the stonemasons and the charcoal burners. Longhope is just one of the many villages that help to make up rural England, and therein lies its charm.

There is, however, one name that you might know but not associate with Longhope. Click here to read about the era of the Raikes Family. Our improved family history section allows you to search for your ancestors from churchyard inscriptions and 19th century censuses. We also claim to have had the world's oldest man living in Longhope, who was 124 when he died in 1708.

Learn more about Longhope by viewing a collection of photographs in the snapshots section and old photographs in the then and now section. Finally, if you have any memories, photographs, comments or complaints please use the feedback page to contact us.

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