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Al Saints' Churchyard

The map below shows the location of each gravestone in Winter 2004/5 and involved a lot of time standing around in the freezing cold. It is one of only two maps of the churchyard in existance that we know of, the other was drawn in 1983 by the Gloucestershire Federation of Womens' Institutes. The church is coloured red, the perimeter wall orange, pathways, gray and grass being green. Any visible headstones or pots are plotted in black with dark green patches identifying the burial plot. The south churchyard was redrawn, to scale, in Easter 2006 but the north side remains as it was drawn in Winter 2004. Grave numbers that couldn't be identified from 1983 are shown in red. Numbers on the left of the map are ones that have yet to be identified from 1983

South-side churchyard Grave 1Grave 2Grave 3Grave 4Grave 6Grave 7Grave 8Grave 9Grave 10Grave 12Grave 13Grave 14Grave 15Grave 16Grave 17Grave 18Grave 19Grave 20Grave 21Grave 22Grave 23Grave 24Grave 25Grave 26Grave 27Grave 28Grave 29Grave 30Grave 31Grave 32Grave 33Grave 34Grave 35Grave 36Grave 37Grave 38Grave 39Grave 40Grave 41Grave 42Grave 43Grave 44Grave 45Grave 46Grave 47Grave 48Grave 49Grave 51Grave 52Grave 53Grave 54Grave 55Grave 56Grave 57Grave 58Grave 59Grave 60Grave 61Grave 62Grave 63Grave 64Grave 65Grave 66Grave 67Grave 68Grave 69Grave 70Grave 71Grave 72Grave 73Grave 74Grave 75Grave 76Grave 77Grave 78Grave 79Grave 80Grave 81Grave 82Grave 83Grave 84Grave 85Grave 86Grave 87Grave 88Grave 89Grave 90Grave 91Grave 92Grave 93Grave 94Grave 95Grave 96Grave 97Grave 98Grave 99Grave 100Grave 101Grave 102Grave 103Grave 165Grave 166Grave 167Grave 168Grave 169Grave 170Grave 171Grave 172Grave 173Grave 174Grave 176Grave 177Grave 178Grave 179Grave 180Grave 488Grave 489Grave 490Grave 491Grave 492Grave 493Grave 494Grave 495Grave 496Grave 497Grave 498Grave 499Grave 500Grave 501Grave 502Grave 503Grave 504Grave 505Grave 506Grave 507Grave 508Grave 509Grave 510Grave 511Grave 512Grave 513Grave 514Grave 515Grave 516Grave 517Grave 518Grave 519Grave 520Grave 521Grave 522Grave 523Grave 524Grave 525Grave 526Grave 527Grave 528Grave 529Grave 530Grave 531Grave 532Grave 533Grave 534Grave 535Grave 536Grave 537Grave 538Grave 539Grave 540Grave 541Grave 542Grave 543Grave 544Grave 545Grave 546Grave 547Grave 548Grave 549Grave 550Grave 551Grave 552Grave 553Grave 554Grave 562Grave 563Grave 564Grave 565Grave 566Grave 567Grave 568Grave 569Grave 570

Here is the north side of the churchyard.

North-side churchyard

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