Another Burglary - be vigilant!

There has been another burglary in the village, this time in The Wend, last Friday evening (2nd December). Did you see anything? This follows on from a burglary a few weeks ago in The Napping, when a door was forced and jewellery was stolen.

The police warn us to be on the lookout for strange vehicles, or suspicious behaviour from strangers in the village. Jot down vehicle registration numbers of any unusual vehicles you see. Now that the darker nights are here and we are all shut away behind our closed curtains, it is easy for us to miss something. Police urge people not to post on social media when they are going out, or are away on holiday, or even just to say that they are in the pub up the road with their friends. Leave a light on in your house if you do go out in the evening, and perhaps install outside lighting (although in one previous case, the burglars smashed these).


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