L.A.D.S. Successful Production

The final curtain call came tonight on the LADS (Longhope Amateur Dramatic Society) annual production. The three-night run was a success, as ever, with two one-act plays. The first was "Costa Del Packet" by Anthony Booth - a story of a group of women alone on holiday in Majorca, supposedly staying in an hotel that isn't yet built, and ending up staying in the workmen's hut instead. Denise Williams, Amanda Drake, Eileen Beard, Dawn Duberley and Andrew Long star in this play.

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The stage is set for "Costa del Packet". Andrew as the Tour Rep, Denise as Leslie and Amanda as Vera. Dawn as Sally and Eileen as Alice.

The second play was "Blush Pink" by Jean McConnell - and is set in the cottage of a very elderly Mr Twickers. Some well-meaning local ladies are intent on decorating his home for him, at the same time as being interrupted by the Meals-on-Wheels service, and fitting in around his normal life, with drastic consequences! Vicki Clark, Denise Williams, Marie Richards, Cathy Griffiths, Rose Watson and Phil Townsend star in this play.

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Denise as Edith, Cathy as Mrs Mayfield and Marie as Mrs Harrogate. Denise as Edith, Cathy as Mrs Mayfield, Vicki as Margaret and Phil as Mr Twickers. Denise as Edith, Cathy as Mrs Mayfield, Phil as Mr Twickers, Marie as Mrs Harrogate and Vicki as Margaret.

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