All Saints' All Sorts Cook Book hits the Stars

At the Food Festival on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April held at the Dick Whittington Centre, Vicky was invited to have a stand to promote the newly launched "All Saints' All Sorts Cook Book". Vicky, plus helpers, worked for two days selling the cook books and offering nibbles to visitors.

On Sunday 26th April, just at a time when Vicky was manning the stand alone, she noticed a famous face and, rumour has it, she got quite excited! The famous face belonged to none other than Jason Grimshaw (alias Ryan Thomas) of Coronation Street. He was accompanied by his soap and real life partner Sarah Platt/Grimshaw (alias Tina O’Brien) and Scarlett, their baby daughter.

Photograph courtesy Forest Edge News and Hayley of
Hillbrooks Ice-cream, Kempley. (

Jason had already bought one of the Cook Books but kindly agreed to a photo shot and here it is. Interestingly sales of the cook book (as at 15th May) are £1000! You can buy an "All Saints All Sorts Cook Book" at Longhope Post Office, Shirleys, Café Bonnies or The Old Dairy Tearoom at Harts Barn.

Recently, the book has received a further £285 of funding from The Old Spot Trust, a Gloucestershire-based charity that supports community groups, other charities and non-profit making organisations in Gloucestershire. This has enabled Vicky to print another 100 copies of the book so there will be plenty to go round. This will raise a further £500 for the restoration of All Saints' Church of which the cook book has already raised £1000.

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