Latest Rec News and Future Plans

The grass on The Rec is now starting to grow and looks very green. However there still seems to be problems that need to be addressed. In places the ground still seems prone to waterlogging, particularly just below the tennis courts (as can be seen from the photos), and if it is like that in the "British Summer" imagine what it will be like in the football season in the depths of winter with constant rainfall. Boundary House has also experienced problems with flooding from the ground, despite the extra drainage that has been added to alleviate the problem. We even spotted House Martins pinching the mud for nest building!

The two Longhope football teams will not be playing on The Rec this season, but on a field nearby, by kind permission of Richard Read. The Fete will not be held here either, but at Hope Brook School.

There are other plans in the pipeline for the Rec and Pavilion as outlined in a statement posted at The Rec this week by the Recreation Ground Management Committee. Here is what the statement says:

"As you can now see, phase one has now been completed, The Rec now has a much more even surface with far less slope than before, it also for the first time has a drainage system to protect nearby residents from the risk of flooding from the field. So what is next? Phase two is access, a footpath is planned to the left side of the field giving access to the pavilion by means of a gentle slope all the way up to the patio area (no steps to negotiate), on the right side of the field a path to the play area and tennis courts suitable for buggies to be pushed up, there never has been a need for a disabled access because it has always been possible to go to the top of the field via Station Lane by car or on foot this has not changed. When does this happen? After the removal of the security fencing when the grass is ready for it's first cut expected to be about 6 to 8 weeks. Also during this time work will be ongoing on the Pavilion to improve the facilities of it.

"The project has taken longer than expected due to the drainage system and the wet weather during the time work was taking place, for this we apologise but it was necessary to get it right and we feel sure that the end result will be for the benefit of the whole village.

"Since there are rumours going round about the village not being consulted the petition that was taken around the village will be able to be viewed at Bonnies Cafe during the two June events on the 6th and 27th or by contacting me, we did have a very large majority who were happy with our plans and their names and comments can be seen, we once again ask the village to be patient and feel sure that we will all be happy with the finished project. For and on behalf of The Recreation Ground Management Committee, Les Meadows, Chairman."

Remember, for all those who say that the village has not been consulted, you read it here first!

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