Amateur Dramatics Abandoned Due To Apathy

Usually at this time of year the LADS (Longhope Amateur Dramatic Society) are planning their next annual production for staging in early March. Unfortunately the members have found it necessary to abandon this next production due in March 2010. This is only the second time since 1952 we’ve had to make such a decision.

Over the years we have had many members come and go with some coming back again a few years later. Although with most groups there is a core of long term stalwarts, we are usually welcoming a few new members each year. However it is becoming increasingly difficult to stage an annual play as our numbers have shrunk to a critically low point. We very much hope that this will be a temporary state. The annual LADS production in March has been one of the key social events of the Longhope calendar with over 250 and often more, attending. For some it is a catch-up time, meeting old friends not seen since the previous production. It would be a great shame if after nearly 60 years we were to loose this.

In a village the size of Longhope we would hope that there would be enough volunteers either to act on stage or help back stage. We will continue to meet once a month (usually the third Thursday) to read through a couple of plays over a glass of wine or cup of tea to select our next production. So if you want to come along for a ‘taster’ you are most welcome. Our next one is on January 21st. You can contact us for details via Denise – (01452) 830138, Vicki – (01452) 830124 or Roger – (01452) 830113.

For those newcomers to the village who came because they want to enjoy a village community environment; for those teenagers who say that there is nothing to do in the village, get out there and come along and have some fun! All ages are welcome - it is not just reserved for the stuffy over 60s! It seems that our village is becoming a village devoid of any sort of life due to the apathy of it's inhabitants. With the village fête struggling to keep going after nearly a century, is the dramatic society going to go the same way because the villagers are afraid of having some fun? This is YOUR village and YOUR community! Don't let it die?

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