First Snow of Winter - UPDATED

As predicted, Longhope received a larger dollop of snow in the small hours of Tuesday morning to give a covering of around an inch of snow. Given that we were given plenty of warning, the council gritters did an excellent job in keeping the main roads clear, allowing most to get to work and to all the local schools. The only roads that were hazardous were the minor roads and the estate roads that had not been treated with salt. The temperatures are still sub-zero during the daytime and drop to less than -5C during the night, so a thaw doesn't seem very likely in the immediate days ahead.


Older Story (from 27/11/10)

Longhope saw it's first snow of the winter today - earlier than normal. Admittedly it was only a dusting, but worse is yet to come for Tuesday into Wednesday of next week, with blizzards expected. Overnight temperatures have been around -5C and daytime ones are hovering just above zero, and the cold weather is expected to continue for at least another ten days.

Our region has got off lightly, as heavier snowfalls have brought the usual chaos to some other parts of Britain - especially Scotland and Wales.

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