Latest News of the Church Roof Repairs

The roof repairs were to start on August 31st 2010 and finish by January 7th 2011. However, there have been delays because the contractors were let down by their subcontractors and work was so far behind schedule that there was not time before the “bat window” closed in mid-November for the re-tiling to be completed. The roof of the nave is finished however, leaving the chancel, transepts and the lower roofs to be done. The project is expected to finish early in May but the scaffolding will be gradually lowered well before then when the high work has been completed.

The roof timbers have been inspected by our structural engineer and have been pronounced sound, which means there will not be any unforeseen costs, which is a piece of good news.

Our ecologist is very concerned about bat disturbance as there are serious criminal sanctions regarding this, and work had to stop on November 15th 2010 and will restart on February 28th 2011 when the bat hibernation season is ended (whether the bats think so or not!!) They seem to be very fragile creatures who lose a fatal amount of energy if woken up from their 'big sleep'.

As the delays were due to Speller Metcalf, the contractors’ problems, they will bear the extra costs and not the PCC. The scaffolding will remain in place during the winter and will be inspected regularly to ensure it remains safe. The present roof project is covered financially. Obviously with a building the age of the church, there is always a need for money and so the fund raising goes on.

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