Fête Day 2011

Yet another year, and yet another Longhope Community Fête; 92 years since the first one took place. The day started off bright and sunny with just a light breeze but this didn't last all day however, and it soon clouded over but remained a warm if sultry afternoon (and of course no rain.)

Everything kicked off from the Latchen Room this year, owing to the building works taking place at The Manor. The walking procession followed behind a classic Alvis car driven by Perry Sladen carrying the guests of honour, Richard and Gill Pett, who opened the proceedings. Behind this was a Bentley car carrying the Fête Queen, Chloe Armstrong, and Princess, Milly Ashfield. The Brownies won the group walkers prize, yet again, with “The Royal Wedding”, with Pippins and Playgroup runners-up with “George and the Dragon”, and Hope Brook School with “Pirates” were in third place. The individual prize went to Sophie Charles as ”The White Rabbit”, Jess was runner-up and Thomas Banner was third in “Top Gear” (the Halliday’s grandson, and the car only took Des 20 years to make – according to Sheila!!)

Hope Brook primary school choir sang and danced. The Gloster Gladiators Marching Band played, The Ledbury Dance Company performed the can-can and were excellent at involving smaller members of the public to join in. There was street entertainment by Steve Kliskey with flame-throwing, as well as the ever popular beer tent and BBQ laid on by The Nags Head, the tea-hut and wood-turning were there too. The Friends of Longhope Church were there with plans for other uses for the church, (there will be more about this on the website at another time), as well as Parish Council members asking people’s views on plans for the village for the next five years. There was a display of old photos of the village, and it is hoped to put some of these into a calendar for 2012, as well as publishing a book with more of them in.

There was no rain again this year which proves our old adage, "it never rains on Longhope Fête"! Thank you all for attending and to everyone who organised yet another successful Fête - long may it last. Mr Casperson is promising an even better Fête for next year, with more things for the young adults of the village to do – other than swill beer!! To do this, he needs people to get involved, especially those youngsters that he wants to do more for – so help the committee to help you.


Fête Queen, Chloe and Princess, Milly Nice to see James has brought back-up this year! Hello Sean Carole decided not to go to the Fête this year
Let the procession begin! The Petts enjoying every minute The Fête Queen and Princess in their Bentley
”The Royal Wedding” - again Hope Brook School “Pirates” Pippins and Playgroup with “George and the Dragon”
Thomas Banner in Des’ car The Individual Walkers …still trying to get in after the official opening
Whoever gave Richard the microphone? ”The White Rabbit” – Sophie Charles Blacksmith, Gareth Thomas, shows off his skills
The Farmyard Dean Forest Beekeepers causing a buzz!! Peter Walwin carving wood
The pirates have taken over the skittle alley The queue for the BBQ Hope Brook School Choir
…and gymnastics Sheila falls asleep in her cuppa. Hi Sheila? (For Nora) A busy day
The tea hut Having their say about the future of Longhope Street Entertainer, Steve Kliskey
Posing especially for the Website – well done!! The Ledbury Dance Company perform the Can-can …and enrolling a few younger members to their troupe
The Friends of Longhope Church The young kiddies corner The Tug O’ War. Did the girls win?
Gerald thought that all the excitement was the start of the footie season A very well attended Fête Knowing it was Fête Day, some people couldn’t leave fast enough!

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