Pop Group Film on May Hill

Pop group The Verve have recently released a video for their new single called "Rather Be". The filming was done under the direction of local frontman, Richard Ashcroft, who lives at Taynton. "So what?" we hear you sigh! Well The Verve are set to put Longhope back on the tourism trail, as the filming was done atop May Hill, on what looks like a misty cool day. The shaggy-haired brooding singer, Ashcroft, has cast himself in the leading role, flirting with the camera as he hangs out with Mother Nature amidst the conifers. The single is due to be released on 17th November and is the second single to be released from their new album "Forth".

The Verve have been around for almost 20 years, and their most famous single was "Bittersweet Symphony". It has been several years since they last released any material.

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