2012 Olympic Torch Relay

Today was our chance to see The Olympic Torch Relay 2012 come as close as it was ever going to get to Longhope. Yesterday it started off in Gloucester, but today it came to Ross-on-Wye, just 6 miles away. The town was packed out with spectators lining the whole route around the town, including many residents from Longhope, and the entire population of Hope Brook School too.

The sun shone down on the event on a really scorching hot day, as everyone waved flags and donned silly hats. The relay was on time, but while we waited, we were entertained by street-entertainers including blade runners on stilts. Even the Metropolitan Police played their part – one police car went past with a constable holding up a quickly scribbled sign on a piece of paper saying “It’s coming!” and another letting us know that we had a six-minute wait for the runner. It would seem like the entire Metropolitan Police force were in the procession, with many outriders on high-powered BMW motorcycles obviously enjoying the experience by giving “royal” waves and sounding their sirens for all the local schoolchildren, and all the locals joining in by giving them all a cheer! There were several huge lorries supplied by the sponsors, Coca-Cola and Samsung, as well as the tour buses and even more police patrol vehicles, all squeezing along the narrow streets of Ross. In amongst all this was the torch holder, Vanessa Brann, running her section of the route. She received a very warm reception from the crowd. It was soon all over and the massive crowd dispersed around the town and back to their homes, having enjoyed a truly memorable experience that will probably never be repeated in any of our lifetimes.


Street entertainer on stilts by Ross Market House Some of the many Met Police having a good time! The Samsung lorry
One of the many Olympic cars The torch bearer - Vanessa Brann More Met police - who's guarding London?

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