Longhope Fête is OFF!!

Many thought that the hastily spray-painted words of "Postponed" over the numerous placards that have been put up this past week advertising the Fête, were the act of some mindless vandal, but this website has made enquiries, and it would appear that for the first time in its peace-time history, the Longhope Fête has been postponed at the 11th hour. It is said to be as a result of the weather! Since when has the weather EVER been a problem for the fête? Well it would seem that this year is the exception. Heavy rain is forecast for Friday (with up to 2 inches falling), and the Rec is said to be already very sodden, without any more rain adding to it. The past two months have been the wettest on record, (with around 22cms or nine inches falling in June alone) and we haven't really seen a summer yet!

The fête is only supposed to be postponed, and is now due to be held "sometime in September, when the holidays are over" our sources tell us. The children of Hope Brook School were supposed to be taking part in a procession with a Diamond Jubilee theme, but that has had to be put on hold. The main reason for it being postponed is based on that good old favourite, Health and Safety, as it is considered to be "unsafe" to hold the event. So if you are aware of anyone who was intending coming to the fête, then please make sure that they know that it is off, to save them having a wasted journey. It's still bound to be a lovely summer's day though, so break out the BBQ, put the beers in the fridge, and get out the deckchairs and enjoy the day anyway!!

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