Village Agents' July Newsletter

Aggressive Telephone Sales Technique

Last year you may remember that there were burglar alarm companies in the county who were trying to sell equipment to people in the area. I have been told that this is happening again. These companies are not operating illegally. However, they have an aggressive selling technique. Remember that you are under no obligation to buy so put the phone down. If you are in any way worried, ring your Village or Community Agent.

Connect - Free Computer Sessions for Over 55s

Connect offers free help to older people in rural Gloucestershire to get started and feel more confident online, learning computer basics on their own terms. The tutor will bring a computer for use during the sessions. We provide help and advice with computers and the internet for those who are either new and nervous users or those who want to further their knowledge. This will be through one-to-one training and support in the home from local volunteers and/or group sessions around the county on topics such as Skype and email.

Who can we help?

You - if you are just starting to use a computer and want straightforward advice, if you have a computer and want to learn more, if you want to take advantage of more that the internet can offer, but want more knowledge about security and safety.

Your friends, family or neighbours - if you know of anyone who could benefit from getting online, or increasing their IT confidence, let them know about the GRCC Connect Project.

For more information please contact Holly Mills, Connect Project Co-ordinator at GRCC on 01452 528 491 or email on

Convenient Website

If you are planning day trips this summer, you might find it useful to look at this website before you set off:

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