Local Postie Goes East!

Dave East, Longhope postman for 43 years, did his “Last Post” this morning in style. He was transported through the village in a Sedan Chair, supported by his chums from the Royal Mail. (They cheated slightly because it DID have wheels!) Richard Pett, Longhope Postmaster, went in front ringing a bell to warn of his coming. But most people’s post was very late though, as Dave had to keep stopping for photos and presents. The local BBC TV crew turned up for an interview.

Dave stopped off, as he often did on his rounds, at Mo Cameron’s house for “tea and crumpet” and recalled many stories of his round over the years – most of which were not suitable for repeating before the 9pm watershed! Dave started life working as a Postie in Gloucester, but soon moved to the Longhope round, “man and boy” as he put it.

Dave, the village will miss you very much in more ways than one: All those early morning rings on the bell on our day off to sign for a birthday parcel that we didn’t really want from our Aunt Gladys; the tuneless whistling on a rainy morning; everyone having to deliver next door’s post to their neighbour because you were one house out all down the street! Yes, you may have many happy memories Dave, but we all do too. Thank you and a very long and happy retirement Dave, we will all miss you. X

Tea & Crumpet at Mo's The Last Post On his Rounds in The Willows

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