Fête Day 2013

Yet another year, and yet another Longhope Community Fête; 94 years and counting since the first one took place. The day broke with clear blue cloudless skies, which stayed all day and the temperatures reaching 24⁰C and more by mid afternoon, making up for the awful summer of last year and the postponement for the first time in the history of the fête.

The Procession started at 1.45pm from The Latchen, but the police escort and the car containing the Carnival Prince and Princess proceeded with such a speedy lick that the walkers had no chance of keeping up with them. But then, it was the first time that Sue Clarke (mentioning no names) was asked to carry out this transporting of such a valuable cargo. If you must own a lovely looking soft top, then you should expect to be asked to do the job!! Anyway, the rest of the procession carried on regardless, with the music produced by Pippins singing “Old Macdonald” as they wound their way to the Rec. Once there, the Fête was opened by the newly retired Longhope Postie of 43 years, Dave East (well we do have to keep him occupied don’t we?)

There was a good turnout, with the food and drink outlets doing the most business in the hot weather. There were a few new activities this year, with the “K2” rock-climbing wall for only the fearless to venture on, and a “Helter Skelter”. As always, we ask that anyone who enjoyed themselves today, and wants to see the Fête continue for many more years, please help to organise it next year.


Longhope Pre-School Pippins and their "Old Macdonald's Farm" The brand new Stagecoach kept good time as always
Our two new PCSOs, Julia and David The Procession in The Latchen Dave East doing his Royal wave, with Sue
Hope Brook School, winners of the group award The Brownies' Toy Story Impressive Police Vehicle this year!
Dave East opening the Fête The Prince and Princess with the Easts Batman and Robin, individual walkers
Hope Brook School - winners The queue for the BBQ "Does my bum look big like this?" Guess who?
The Forest Bakehouse A busy old day If the WI tea hut doesn't look very busy....
...that's because they all under a tree! The beer tent Pony rides
The jazz band, Sunday Sessions Gerald tucking into a cake!!

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