Fete Day 2000

For those of you who didn't manage to get to Longhope's First Annual Fete of the new millennium, here is a quick round-up.

Longhope School's Fete Lorry© Longhope School Some posters designed by the local schools
© Longhope School
The Fete setting up - 9:30
The Fete setting up - 10:30 The Fete setting up - 10:45 The brass band
The Teletubbies! The carnival queen and princesses. The Longhope School float.
The carnival queen from 1955 - Jennifer Traub with this years' princesses. Our personal loudspeaker for the fete - Richard Pett. The actors for the falconry display.
Horse and cart rides. Try your pot at the archery range. Transport around the Rec is provided.
The all-singing all-dancing Music Man. The most popular attraction - The Beer Tent. Do you know this idiot? - email me with your suggestions.

The Weather

During the morning, there were a few showers. The first part of the afternoon failed to show any rain, but there was a brief shower at 5:00pm.

The Floats

Longhope C of E School won the "best float award" for the third year running.
The Teletubbies came first in the "miscellaneous category".

The Carnival Queen & Princesses

This years' carnival queen is the same queen from 1955 - Jennifer Traub who now lives in Vancouver, Canada, and came over especially for the event.

I hope that everyone who went had a good time.

Thank-you to Longhope C of E School for the use of some of their pictures on this page.

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