School visited by OFSTED

The OFSTED inspectors visited Hope Brook C of E School recently, and have now published their report. It recognised that the Head, Mrs Stephanie Severn, joined the school as acting head "at a time of substantial personnel issues which caused significant disruption to teaching staff, the governing body and within the local community. This led to a number of parents taking their children out of the school and as a result, the school roll diminshed significantly." They are speaking here of the suspension and eventual dismissal of the previous Head, Mrs Rowena Brace.

However, since the new appointment, OFSTED say that the school is now "not only back on track and serving its pupils well, but is continuing to improve rapidly." The OFSTED team asked that the school should improve its standards in mathematics and science to match those achieved in English. Also to improve its provision for the outdoor curriculum in the Foundation Stage.

The school has seen a significant upturn in the number of pupils now attending, and that OFSTED reported that the parents had a very positive view of the school. Continue to keep up the hard work, everyone at the school, and make it an even bigger success!

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