Severe Floods hit Longhope

Longhope suffered severe flooding today, Friday 20th July, for the first time in a very long time. Rain estimated at four inches fell in the space of 12 hours, causing flooding to many properties in the village, and is set to be the wettest July for fifty years. The whole of Gloucestershire was badly affected, and was said to be the worst affected area in England. Many Longhope residents were unable to get home from work, due to severe flooding on all roads in and around Gloucester.

Hope Brook burst its banks, despite the improvements and widening to prevent the flooding that was commonplace many years ago. It flowed across the road in The Latchen, flooding Brook Lodge and Pound House fairly extensively. The drainage system couldn't cope, and so severe was the flooding, that the tarmac was lifted and broken on the road, leaving potholes and craters. The LPG gas containers at Brook Lodge broke loose and floated around in the water, and there was danger of an explosion, so the fire service were called out to assist.

In Church Road, the brook was overflowing here too, particularly outside Hope Brook School, and Boundary House and Tan House experienced the rising water but were not flooded. Fortunately, there were no children at school because the school had broken up for the summer holidays the previous day. On the estate, Brookend, alongside the brook, also experienced the floods.


Here is a selection of pictures from our very wet photographer.

[20070720_01.jpg] [20070720_02.jpg] [20070720_03.jpg]
Hope Brook in full flood, overlooking the gardens of Brook Lodge. Hope Brook from The Latchen. Church Road drains unable to cope.
[20070720_04.jpg] [20070720_05.jpg] [20070720_06.jpg]
Church Road in full flood, from near The Rec. Floods in The Latchen. Hope Brook in full flood from The Latchen.
[20070720_07.jpg] [20070720_08.jpg] [20070720_09.jpg]
The Pound. Floods in Church Road near Hope Brook School entrance. Hope Brook in full flood at Brookend.
[20070720_10.jpg] [20070720_11.jpg] [20070720_12.jpg]
Someone's car didn't quite make it! The Fire Brigade called out to the gas incident at Brook Lodge, The Latchen. Church Road and Napping Lane.

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