Fête Day 2006


For the very first time in a good many years, summer really came to Longhope for its annual fête and procession. In sweltering heat and in strong competition with the Portugal vs. England game in the World Cup commencing at 4:00pm, many wondered how many would turn out for this year's fête.

The usual procession started from The Latchen at 2:00pm. The Carnival Queen this year was Amy Tyler, and her princesses were Megan Long and Alice Scrivens. Dave East, a well-known local postman, had the honour of opening the fête this year and announcing the winners of the floats. The Playgroup were first with Disney, and Hope Brook School came second with, surprisingly, The World Cup! The Land Girls came in third place.

A huge crowd were there for much of the afternoon, and even at kick-off, were still there - something to do with a television set being rigged up for public viewing behind the beer tent, but I'm not going to mention that, I just mentioned it then. A note of warning. If the fete is to continue next year and future years, then more people need to get involved and come forward as volunteers.


Here is a selection of pictures from this year's fête - hands up all those who were photographed this year.

[fete0601.jpg] [fete0602.jpg] [fete0603.jpg]
The crowds queue for the inevitable. Diablos de Samba Band lead the way. Some people know how to arrive in style, Dave and Sue East.
[fete0604.jpg] [fete0605.jpg] [fete0606.jpg]
Hope Brook school's float. More of Hope Brook school's float. The Land Girls and their tractor.
[fete0607.jpg] [fete0608.jpg] [fete0609.jpg]
Rear view of Hope Brook school's float, "World Cup Countries". Playgroup go to Disney. Seeing as it was such a nice day, many people decided to walk to the Rec.
[fete0610.jpg] [fete0611.jpg] [fete0612.jpg]
"Scooby Doo" Hope Brook school's float (in case you missed it). Playgroup's float.
[fete0613.jpg] [fete0614.jpg] [fete0615.jpg]
More of Playgroup's float. That's a Smart bow tie! You grow ears like that after years of farm life! Some country locals from rural Gloucestershire. Hello Neil?
[fete0616.jpg] [fete0617.jpg] [fete0618.jpg]
Sammy and friends - as promised! More of Playgroup's lorry. Everyone's favourite - Mr. Music Man drumming up trade.
[fete0619.jpg] [fete0620.jpg] [fete0621.jpg]
The pig roast flambe with Chateau Longhope '77. Carole + silly hat + Ferrari as 1st prize in the raffle. Get your tickets now! The Carnival Queen Amy Tyler, and Princesses Megan and Alice.
[fete0622.jpg] [fete0623.jpg] [fete0624.jpg]
Our star guest for this year - Dave East. Can someone please take the microphone away from Richard Pett? Some people were overcome by all the excitement.
[fete0625.jpg] [fete0626.jpg] [fete0627.jpg]
Vic Knight poses for yet another camera. Do you want my autograph? A lovely old Chrysler. Football fever hits Longhope, but was it worth it Mr Dean?
[fete0628.jpg] [fete0629.jpg] [fete0630.jpg]
Our traditional photo of Sheila in her pile of jumble, for the Masons. Jenny Townsend in her make-up tent. As protection from global warming, the tea hut and pavillion was the place to be.
[fete0631.jpg] [fete0632.jpg] [fete0633.jpg]
Margaret, Val and Kendall selling tickets for the raffle. Peter Walwin and his wood sculpture donated for a raffle. The guess the weight competition.
[fete0634.jpg] [fete0635.jpg] [fete0636.jpg]
Tickets sales increased dramatically once Carole and her silly hat were removed! This year's winners of Pop Idol 29. The beer tent. Well, it was a hot day.

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