Fête Day 2005


As with previous fete reviews, we start with the immortal line: "never rains on Longhope Fete day". The day dawned and didn't look too promising leaving us thinking: will it, won't it? However, it remained very cloudy and breezy for much of the day with a few spots of rain in the air. Heavy and dark skies threatened the village all afternoon. The procession was led through the village by the Drybrook Band, followed by the floats and walkers. Ian and Maureen Cameron, who over many years have made a very valuable contribution to the village, for which we would all like to thank them, opened the fete. The Playgroup was voted winners of the Best Float competition with "Gone to Nurseryland", with Hope Brook School coming a close second with "Heroes and Heroines". The Shreks were judged to be the best "Walkers". This year The Plantagenets gave a wonderful display of a mediaeval enactment, and were very popular. A very large crowd turned out, and a marvelous time was had by all, as our photos show, even the silly ones!


Here is a selection of pictures from this year's Fête.

[fete0501.jpg] [fete0502.jpg] [fete0503.jpg]
For Nora! An old Riley car The "Shrek" walkers
[fete0504.jpg] [fete0505.jpg] [fete0506.jpg]
Hope Brook school float Did somebody say there was a fete today? Vic Knight and the photo gallery
[fete0507.jpg] [fete0508.jpg] [fete0509.jpg]
The sweet stall Tony Robinson makes an appearance Wood sculptures by Peter Walwin
[fete0510.jpg] [fete0511.jpg] [fete0512.jpg]
Keith Fenton and his woodwork The traditional pig roast Somebody was caught stealing Jaffa Cakes from the cake stall
[fete0513.jpg] [fete0514.jpg] [fete0515.jpg]
The unmistakable Drybrook Brass Band Hope Brook School float: "Heroes and Heroines" Playgroup float: "Gone to Nurseryland"
[fete0516.jpg] [fete0517.jpg] [fete0518.jpg]
Opening of the fete Carnival Princess Bethan Martin Residents caught having a jolly good time by our photographer
[fete0519.jpg] [fete0520.jpg] [fete0521.jpg]
The tea hut... no wait hang on... The tea hut! Oh Carole... we did dare!
[fete0522.jpg] [fete0523.jpg] [fete0524.jpg]
Tony Robinson as the "Music Man" Lassington Oak Morris Men The next generation of Morris Dancers in training
[fete0525.jpg] [fete0526.jpg] [fete0527.jpg]
The Plantagenet Ladies The Plantagenent men re-enact a tourney from 1346  


Plantagenet Mediaeval Society

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