Fête Day 2004


As always, they say that it "never rains on Longhope fête". But this year was the exception in a good many years. The day dawned and didn't look too promising with heavy skies, but by mid-morning it had brightened up and the sun shone for a time. However, ten minutes before the start of the procession, there was a heavy shower to dampen everything down, except the enthusiasm of the youngsters on the floats! Heavy skies and sharp showers mixed with sunny intervals prevailed for the rest of the afternoon. The procession was led through the village by the Drybrook Band, followed by the floats and walkers. The fete was opened by George Watkins. Hope Brook School won the Best Float competition with "Grease", with the Playgroup coming a close second with "Elmer the Elephant".


Here is a selection of pictures from this year's fête.

[fete0401.jpg] [fete0402.jpg] [fete0403.jpg]
The Playgroup float - "Elmer the Elephant" Drybrook Band at the start of the procession Hope Brook School float, the eventual winners
[fete0404.jpg] [fete0405.jpg] [fete0406.jpg]
More of the winning float The Walkers Richard "Soundman" Pett
[fete0407.jpg] [fete0408.jpg] [fete0409.jpg]
George Watkins with this year's Carnival Princess Lauren Donaldson and Georgina Haines This picture has been entered into the "Where's Wally" competition The fete in all it's glory
[fete0410.jpg] [fete0411.jpg] [fete0412.jpg]
Peter Waldin cutting up the pig roast - no it isn't, its a wood sculpture This year's birds of prey "Crazy Bikes"
[fete0413.jpg] [fete0414.jpg] [fete0415.jpg]
More views of the rec and crowds David "I am the Music Man" Lloyd The recently refurbished Pavillion area
[fete0416.jpg] [fete0417.jpg] [fete0418.jpg]
"Harry Potter Six: The Prisoner at Heathrow Airport" was released ahead of schedule at the book stall. Mr. Townsend and the barbecue The crowds gather for the real pig roast
[fete0419.jpg] [fete0420.jpg]  
John "Elvis" Smart, who escaped from the "Grease" float "And in the blue corner..."  

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