Golden Jubilee Day


Storm clouds had been prominent for much of the morning with heavy rain, but by the start of the events in the afternoon there was no rain, and the sun shone for much of the time. The arrival of the fine weather coincided with the end of the Italy versus Ecuador World Cup match, and brought out the crowds! By late evening, following the red sunset, it turned unseasonably chilly, which sent villagers dashing home for something warmer to wear - and some didn't make it back, preferring instead to watch the TV coverage of Her Majesty's pop concert in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Those that stayed however enjoyed the sounds of the "Nite People" disco, done by the village's very own DJ, Chris Davies. Live music then followed from the group Brushwood who were a very talented band of young musicians (featuring Longhope's lad on drums, Matthew Stradling), and were enjoyed by the many locals left standing who were dancing the night away! Then we had the firework display - well just the one actually - which consisted of an illuminated royal crown, but was £120 well spent Stan! The village lager-louts managed to drink the beer tent dry, but then Longhope can drink for England (and every other team in the World Cup, for that matter!)


Here is a selection of pictures from the special bank holiday to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

[20020604_01.jpg] [20020604_02.jpg] [20020604_03.jpg]
The bunting is out but the storm clouds gather It took a while for the villagers to arrive The "greasy pole" proved popular with the youngsters....
[20020604_04.jpg] [20020604_05.jpg] [20020604_06.jpg]
....even with the older ones The "Welly Wanging" competition The increasingly  popular tea hut
[20020604_07.jpg] [20020604_08.jpg] [20020604_09.jpg]
The duck race in the brook.... we had a long wait as they got caught up.... can you spot the winner amongst this lot?
[20020604_10.jpg] [20020604_11.jpg] [20020604_12.jpg]
Musical entertainment from"Brushwood" "Brushwood" "The Firework"


Everyone who went had a good time. By the end of the evening most people staggered home to bed, leaving the mess behind them for the usual people to clear up the next morning. 

I don't suppose anyone bothered to thank these people for their efforts in making this day a success, but on behalf of the village, thank you very much to all the committee members for giving all of us a good time, and a big hangover!

(For those who tried guessing the weight of Patch the pony, the answer was 165 kilos. Close were you?)

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