More Break-ins

Three break-ins occurred last week at Old Hill, with the thieves targeting garden sheds. Two sheds were broken into on Wednesday. One couple came home unexpectedly and a neighbour spotted the gang making off across their lawn, and making a get-away in a white car, possibly with a D registration. A third break-in occurred on the Thursday, again a shed was entered. In all, a total of £1,500 of property has been stolen including mountain bikes and lawn mowers.

Police are urging us all to keep our property secure, and to be on the look-out for thieves in the area. People should ensure all outbuildings are kept locked, with all expensive items kept out of sight, and marked clearly to deter thieves, and to also enable the police to identify who the property belongs to if it should be recovered.

Did you see anything suspicious last week? Have you seen a D-reg white car in the area? Please contact the police if you did.

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