Longhope gets New Skateboard Ramp

Longhope has seen yet more improvements in its recreational facilities with the addition of a new skateboard ramp, funded by the Longhope Business Association.

For those of you who don't already know its' whereabouts, it is situated at the back of the pavillion at the Rec.

"LONGHOPE is fortunate to have a thriving and lively business association. And, unlike some football managers, they don't just talk a good game. They actually play one! This was splendidly illustrated last week (week beginning 8/8/2000) with the opening of a new skate boarding rink. Once the planning stage had been overcome, members of the association pooled their own considerable skills and resources to complete the project inside a month and give Longhope a facility sure to be envied by local towns and villages with much bigger populations. It is a classic illustration of what can be achieved in a small community and without going cap-in-hand to beg for public funding. It is a pity there are not more active business associations in the Forest and Wye Valley."Forest and Wye Valley Review, 18th August 2000.

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