Fête Day 2001


The old saying stands true: 'it never rains on Fete Day' and this year was no exception. Storm clouds gathered at the start but there was no rain. The recent Foot and Mouth crisis had meant that a couple of the events were unable to take part this year. As usual, there was entertainment from the Music Man and the Drybrook Band, with a display from the Chepstowe Garrison, a mediaeval display team.


Here is a selection of pictures from this year's Fete.

[fete0108.jpg] [fete0103.jpg] [fete0102.jpg]
The storm clouds gather Royal British Legion and 'The Hope Brook Rejects' Not those rejects again. Haven't they got anything better to do?
[fete0104.jpg] [fete0105.jpg] [fete0107.jpg]
The carnival princesses standing with the new vicar Oooo... what a nice car Drybrook Band
[fete0100.jpg] [fete0109.jpg] [fete0110.jpg]
Spot the odd one out Don't point that cannon at me A selection of bouncy castles to... er... bounce around on

The Weather

As I have mentioned before, there were plenty of storm clouds around with the odd rumble of thunder here and there but, more importantly, no rain. As the storm clouds passed, it began to brighten up, although the sun decided against making an appearance. The surrounding area (i.e. Ross and Gloucester) had torrential thunderstorms causing floods just before the start of the carnival procession.

The Floats

This years winner was the Royal British Legion with their float entitled 'The Hope Brook Rejects' and their version of Saint Trinians.

The Carnival Princesses

Minty McShee (from Hopes Hill School) and Gemma Batten (from Longhope School) were this years Carnival Princesses.


I hope that everyone who went had a good time as it is a real village event. At the time of writing, we have just had unconfirmed reports that the roof of Safeways supermarket, in Ross, has collapsed.

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