No FêteThis Year!

Longhope will NOT be having a fête this year, for the very first time in its’ long history, reputed to be 95 years. At a meeting held on Monday 23rd June, it was decided that there would be no fête due to the lack of a working committee. This decision was not taken lightly and the 32 members who attended discussed several options before deciding.

It is hoped that people will come forward to form a new committee in January of next year to organise a fête for next summer. There are already some people who have expressed an interest, and the Parish Councillor, Debbie Attril will be the contact in January. Can you help too? Many people were hoping that Longhope would be holding a “Centenary Fête” in a few years’ time, but is it finally all over - the end of a very long era?

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