...and Still it Snows - latest update.

Longhope once more experienced a heavy snowfall overnight with around 10cms falling, causing chaos once more. It was another welcome day off for the local school children, and even Hope Brook School was closed today. They were the ONLY school in the Forest of Dean to be open on Tuesday! Hopes Hill wasn't quite so easy to negotiate this time, as the County's gritters had all but run out of salt, but there wasn't much traffic about anyway. Many people were out walking, and some commented on how nice it was not to have the constant noise of the traffic on the hill, and it was even possible to stand in the middle of the road to take a photo, and not get run over by a 40-tonne truck!

A heavy thaw set in this afternoon, but it is all set to freeze again tonight, with more snow forecast, and will cause havoc again tomorrow morning for the commuter run. The cold weather is expected to continue for many more days yet - still, it IS winter!

Please may we ask via this website on behalf of the pedestrians of the village, that vehicle drivers (especially the 4x4 variety) to show some consideration to walkers during this bad spell? Many drivers have raced through the slush and snow, coating the pedestrians in a mucky icy mess without a care! Please SLOW DOWN!

UPDATE: The county council has taken to spreading table salt on the roads now, as they have been unable to restock supplies of rock salt from Cheshire due to the demand!

WEATHER WARNING: The latest weather forecast at midday on Sunday 8th February is for a severe winter storm to hit this area on Monday, with blizzards and a high risk of disruption.

LATEST REPORT: Tuesday 10th February

The severe storm forecast for last night did not turn out to be as severe as was predicted. The heavy rain that had fallen for much of yesterday turned to snow at about 8pm last night. The northerly wind picked up, and the snow was being blown horizontally down the valley. It continued falling very heavily until about 2am. The gritters made several runs through the vilage, and a snow plough was even spotted at 9am! At first light, and with a sunny day, a heavy thaw commenced, although this will compound the problems, as flooding is now our next hazard!


Here is a selection of pictures taken during this week's bad weather. Obviously, with more bad weather forecast, these will be added to so keep coming back.

[picture 1] [picture 2] [picture 3]
The Snowfields. The Church Tower. All Saints church.
[picture 4] [picture 5] [picture 6]
Church Road and Courtleet Hope Brook School Closure Notice... ...and the Reason Why!
[picture 7] [picture 8] [picture 9 ]
As If We Needed Warning? Longhope From Hopes Hill. The Latchen.
[picture 10] [picture 11] [picture 12]
Hopes Hill. Richard Read Lorries Are Expert At Tackling "The Hill" A Very Empty A4136.
[picture 13] [picture 14 ] [picture 15]
A Snowy Scene From Hopes Hill. The Old Monmouth Road. It's Not Often You Can Stand in the Middle of Hopes Hill?.
[picture 16] [picture 17] [picture 18]
A Snowy Scene of May Hill. A Snowy Scene of May Hill. Hope Brook School Full of Pupils.
[picture 19] [picture 20] [picture 21]
Sheep on Hobbs Hill. All Saints Church. Looking Southerly Down the Valley.
[picture 22] [picture 23] [picture 24]
Looking Northerly Up the Valley. Snowfields on Hopes Hill. Hopes Hill.

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