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The Club

Longhope FC in action
For a more comprehensive history of the club visit the History section. Longhope Football Chub's first major success was in 1950 when they won promotion to the second division. In 1960, Longhope beat Wilton Rovers by five goals to three in the final of the George Sandoe Cup and simultaneously coming top of division two. Longhope were promoted again when they finished second in division one in 1991. The club went through a bad patch in the early nineties as they stuggled in the premier division and soon found themselves relegated and again and again until they reached the fourth division. Perhaps one of Longhope's most memorable occasions of recent times was the battle for promotion and indeed their victory in the FJ Pope Cup in 2000. On the 5th. May 2000 Longhope beat Whitecroft by two goals to nil in a game that had all of us there on the edge of our seats for the entire match. For pictures of this event, click here. Match reports from the Geo Sandoe Cup final from 2002 are also available that were written by our resident football fanatic at the time but has since moved on to bigger and better things. Click here for the cup final and here for the replay.

I realise that some of the pictures on this page are hopelessly out of date (dating back some twelve years or so) but hope this doesn't detract from your viewing pleasure.

The Ground

The Ground
The pitch is situated in the centre of the village bounded by Church Road, the Post Office and Hope Brook C of E School. When it's not being used for football games, the ground also hosts other entertaining activities such as the Fete and school sports day. The ground (known as the Recreation Ground or Rec for short) is open to the public all year round and so anyone is quite welcome to come down and kick a ball around or play on the swings.

The Supporters

Longhope has many loyal supporters. In May 2000, when the club was battling for promotion and for a place in the final of the FJ Pope Cup against Newent, a record turnout of 43 supporters was counted. Although seats are a rarity and are allocated on a first come first served basis, many people prefer to stand and watch from the sideline.

Longhope's number one supporter hasn't missed a home game for over 40 years, and can be seen in the picture on the right.

The Players

Previous Team Photographs

Longhope First Team
United Longhope 2012/13.
Longhope First Team
Longhope First Team 2002.
Back row from left to right: Shane Pugh (manager), Darren Hyett, Gerry Brobyn, Liam Parry, Dave Shephard, Tracy Clark, Dave Nicholls, Alex Malsom, Jamie "Jasper" Jones, Pete Bowlzer (secretary).
Front row from left to right: Wayne Husbands (captain), Colin Jeffery, Richard Demby, Rob Clark, Steve Love.
Longhope Reserve Team
Longhope Reserve Team 2002.
Back row from left to right: Tracy Clark (player-manager), Wayne Clark, Steve "Stidge" Matthews (captain), Andy Williams, Simon Williams (player-manager), Ben Andrews, Keith Southern.
Front row from left to right: Tom O'hara, Rob Clark, Ryan Davies, James Barnes, Jasper Jones, and Graham Williams. Not pictured are Matty Bursom and Ryan Dean.
First Team from 1995
Reserve Team from 1995
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